"Dr. Khaled Ismail is an inspiring, humble and competent professional. I just wanted to thank him for co-authoring with me & for his meticulous revisions & fine-tuning my language expressions. Small, yet very important stuff you cannot see when you are immersed in your article! He also spreads this sense of empowerment that you had everything to succeed. I highly recommend him."

- Associate Professor S Hassan, Palestine

"It is with much pleasure that I recommend Professor Khaled Ismail to everyone who struggle and need some help with medical writing. He researched and wrote remarkable studies and his writing and research skills are really phenomenal. I have had always difficulty with writing in English. I struggle even more with academic and medical writing as I am quite new in this field. With his huge help we managed to revise the article to academic level and be published in professional journal. I am really grateful and I will use his advises and help in a future again."

- Ms Hana Kleprlikova, UK

"During the last ten years (2009-2018) I published 19 manuscripts in international journal with IF. My yearly maximum was 5 in 2014. This year (2019) with the support of prof. Ismail I am the author or co-author of 7 texts already and there are 3 others accepted by the editors. See https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Kalis+V"

- Associate Professor V Kalis, Czech Republic

"I had the pleasure to work with Professor Khaled Ismail for the last four years. He is extremely professional, reliable, flexible and delivers high quality documents on time. Word number limit should be no concern. Professor Khaled Ismail can simply fix it. His scientific knowledge and broad experience make him an excellent medical writer who fully understands how to interpret and present data concisely and accurately. I look forward for working with him again."

- Dr Hadil Ali-Masri, Palestine

"Prof. Ismail is an extremely experienced and talented researcher. His insight and writing skills have repeatedly helped us publish our works in high quality international journals. He is a very valuable asset for our team and I give him my best recommendation."

- Associate Professor Z Rusavy, Czech Republic

"I have cooperated with professor Khaled M.Ismail for two years. With his help, I managed to publish my manuscript in a prestigious journal IF. This manuscript was written as a part of my Ph.D. studies. His contribution concerned mainly text editing and submitting for its publication. Thanks to his effort and willingness the text was published in a very short period of time."

- Dr Martin Smazinka, Czech Republic